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Corporate Governance - Highlights

Corporate Governance - Highlights

Corporate Governance Overview

Vanda is developing important new medicines to improve the lives of patients. We use new technologies, including genetics and genomics, to inform our drug discovery, our clinical trials, and our commercial positioning of our compounds. We are working to advance the science of developing new medicines and to use novel approaches to deliver these new medicines to patients.

Our CEO, Mihales Polymeropoulos, MD, founded Vanda in 2003. Previously, he founded and ran the Novartis global Pharmacogenetics department, one of the industry leaders. Prior to that he worked for many years at the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Human Genome Research Institute, where he did pioneering work in gene mapping. He founded Vanda in partnership with Care Capital LLC, the prominent biopharmaceuticals-focused investment firm, and Bio*One Capital, an investment arm of the Singapore government with a focus on new biomedical enterprises.

Vanda has assembled an experienced team and a stable of clinical stage compounds to deliver on its vision.

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